3 definitions by Tyrone Moustache

A more emphatic variant of ESAD, directly addressing the person being scorned. “Eat shit and die, asshole!”
by Tyrone Moustache January 19, 2023
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Extreme redness, irritation, rawness in the anal region and surrounding skin resulting from inadvertent use of eucalyptus-soaked hand freshening towels in place of Dude Wipes (or other type of moist towelette) to clean one's ass after a messy bowel movement.
Man, my grundle is in agony--I couldn't wipe my ass fast enough after laying down some hot snakes, but I grabbed the wrong wipes in my girlfriend's bathroom and now I've got a bad case of eucalyptass.
by Tyrone Moustache September 24, 2015
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The amount of half-and-half necessary to turn a cup of black coffee into a wonderfully rich walnut color. Akin to a dollop.
Peter: I'm going to Starbucks, Scott. Do you want me to get you anything?

Scott: Thanks, Peter. I'd love a grande coffee.

Peter: Anything in it?

Scott: A glurg of half-and-half, please.
by Tyrone Moustache August 9, 2012
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