When you find a sad quote that represents your life and your like omg that’s so me.
by Frickman December 5, 2017
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Word very much in use by students, meaning someone or something you can relate to.
Lady Gaga said that there must be something greater than her, meaning that there must be a God. That´s relatable to my ego
by rperazag August 15, 2010
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when you ask why and they don't respond because they know you wont like the reason why
by Jeff Robert Scottson May 15, 2019
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Means to have a connection with what you are exposing or saying. People place them with hashtags or question marks
#relate #relating

relate? are you relating this?
I can relate this story with what my mama said

hashtags placed on the captions- #relate, #relating
by SanCarlista August 27, 2018
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noun: sexual intercourse.

Can be used as not to sound as tacky or forward as other words.
Shall we have relations?
by NDR December 14, 2005
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From the word "relatable." The level of ability something has for people to be able to relate to it.
That movie really made me emotional and I could easily relate to it. It has amazing relatability.
by Anonomoose101 December 3, 2015
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