A person, or TV show etc. whos personality/content is unbearably sickly sweet. Over-sentimental mush.
I watched 'Glee', like you asked suggested. That show is so syrupy, I couldn't watch it.
by Cheesechase May 24, 2010
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A slow moving, irritable person. Generally used to describe the elderly. ie: syrupy old men
"Hey Erick, check out that syrupy old man eyeing those porn mags"
by mike culhane November 19, 2007
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A Canadian penis wet from arousal.
Your majesty, your syrupy wand has left a mark on your royal robe.
by joe von retro July 14, 2011
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The act of stripping to the buff and pouring copious quantities of maple syrup on one's body, generally for the purpose of seduction.
When asked how he would convince Mexico to wall off the border, he replied "syrupy persuasion" with a sumptuous smile.
by SnowyAssassin17 November 10, 2015
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A sexual reference to the female reproductive organ. Commonly used in Arizona as just "pancake"
I bet she's got a nice syrupy pancake...
by the fez-maker April 27, 2011
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