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A globalist is someone who believes that ultimately all borders and nations should be dissolved, resulting in one single world government. The motivations behind this ideology can be catagorised into political and economic motivations.

Support for globalism is strong among corporations and the super rich for a number of reasons:
1. The destruction or weakening of nation states would allow corporations to gain notably more power.
2. The movement of cheap labour from areas of low demand to areas of high demand would allow for wages to be kept low, along with providing a source of disposable labour.
3. It would allow the free movement of goods without tariffs and individual national laws.

Support for globalism also comes from neo-marxists because:
1. They believe that countries separate successful and unsuccessful people, doing away with borders would allow those who have not to take from those who have.
2. The idea that mass immigration would result in the destruction of ethnic groups which Neo-Marxists do not like. These ethnic groups include Europeans, Jews, and East Asians.

Left wing politicians also support globalism because mass immigration provides them with a reliable voting block (who very rarely if ever vote for right wing parties).
"I don't understand why this republican wants mass immigration!"
"Well that's simple, he's a globalist! He wants cheap mexican labour.."
by Phoenix797 June 26, 2018
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A Person whom Alex Jones believes is behind the shadow world government. Usually a globalist is a person of power and practices eugenics and satanism.
Alex Jones: Total globalist Bill Gates openly promotes cancer viruses in the vaccines. He's behind the king of the globalist empire, David Rockefeller.
by Zogmond October 30, 2014
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A dog whistle used to refer to the Jews, much in the same way Cultural Marxism and Bankers are.
The conspiracy theory is basically that the supposed Globalists are on a crusade to destroy Western Civilisation with the use of racial minorities, Feminists, Leftists, Muslim people, LGBT people.

The people who are pulling the strings are meant to be Neo-Marxists, despite all these main players like George Soros, The Rothschilds.ect being billionaires which contradict the entire premise of Marxism.
The globalists (mainly jews) are the ones bringing in the muslims to europe. They seem to work together.
- PeterSweden October 14, 2016
by Sarah W!ll!ams July 02, 2018
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Any person of mighty geopolitical power - the individuals whom Alex Jones reports about on radio - and actually Globalist are the only ones Alex Jone is truly afraid of-for his family lives - because Globalist practice serious evil using already in-place intelligence agencies-covertly connected with secret organized crime/criminals.
"The Globalist are out to rule the world with their candidate choices - future President Donald Trumph and Vice President Hillary R. Clinton"
by IJohn4v8 September 20, 2016
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Someone who sees beyond the narrow -minded nationalistic and militaristic view, to a more expansive vision of one world - a world of equality for all.
Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s opposition to the country’s militarism and nationalism led to his imprisonment and death during World War II: he was a true globalist.
by SMiLeY QuEeN May 26, 2018
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