When a person is acting like a non stop pussy or a little bitch and they need to stop. Similar to changing a tampon
My buddy told me he had to go home because his girlfriend said he could only be out for an hour. I said hey Chad pull the string!
by Cuck Fin March 22, 2016
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To go to the bathroom on a broken toilet that only flushes when you pull a string attached to the flapper.
Wally's bathroom is filled with dude porn, I can't believe I was pulling the string in there.
by The Dizanimal March 2, 2008
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It's when someone has the power to make something happen as he wants. Usually it happens behind the scenes, so the people involved don't know.
I want Josh to marry Katya, so I will pull some strings for it to happen.
by Tarsila February 11, 2018
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what you get from jerking off too much.
after his wife's long absence, Mark had suffered a severe case of pulled pork string.
by Moral Oral June 9, 2008
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When a person is "Pulling Strings they are getting girls and or making girls blush. And impressing people
by Lynux12779 January 13, 2017
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Firecrackers that go BANG when you pull the strings coming out the ends.

Not to be confused with used tampons.
Ed: Don't go into Oz's bathroom; there are pull string fireworks everywhere.
Pat: Gross.
Ed: What?
by 6468 December 12, 2010
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