Hateful towards Jews and Arabs but usually just Jews
Bitches who think the Holocaust never happened are anti-semitic assholes.
by lazyjay February 25, 2005
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One of the myths regarding anti-semitism that has been perpetrated on the world is that only jews are semites. This is totally inaccurate.

If one looks into the history of the word ‘semite’, it has to do with a language group and no more.

The semitic languages are: Arabic (spoken in all the Arab countries and in many moslem-majority countries because it is the language of the qur’an), Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea, the lands once known as Abyssinia), Hebrew (spoken in Israel), Aramaic (spoken by the Chaldeans of Iraq and some catholic and maronite christians) and Syriac (spoken in various parts of Syria and Middle East).

Incidentally, according to most linguists, Abraham, the mythical father of Arab jews, spoke Aramaic not Hebrew.

Above all, we must remember that the monotheistic jewish-christian-moslem trilogy is a semitic heritage, that is, what the Arab world is today.

Christianity is a jewish sect. Islam is a judaeo-christian religious doctrine and is a continuity and complement of the legacy of semitic monotheism but zionist propaganda portrays islam as the enemy of judaeo-christianity.
According to the sacred scriptures of the monotheistic judaeo-christian-moslem triad, jews and moslems are cousins, that is, semitic jews and semitic moslems.
An ashkenazi jew of Indo-European roots is not a cousin of a moslem, jew or christian of semitic roots, since those who expanded in the world were not jews, nor christians, nor were moslems; what expanded in the world was the respective religious doctrines of semitic peoples.

We are in the 21st century of secular values; the colossal zionist propaganda distorts religion with ethnicity, to hide the colonial anachronism.

Now that ashkenazi Indo-Europeans, Caucasians, Slavs, etc. - that is, the non-semitic, have converted to a religion that comes from the semitic civilisation, that does not make these Indo-Europeans, semites.

Sure they are jews but they are not semites.

The Israeli is not an Israelite
As you can see, anti-semitism has been transformed by zionists and today means anti-ashkenazi.
by Sincere semite July 6, 2023
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unjustified hatred towards a transnational ethnic organisation hiding behind a faith that betrays its host country to further the interests of its organisation
"Those Dancing Israelis"

Thats Anti-Semitic
by contagiousTruth September 26, 2022
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One who hates Jews (anti-semitism) NOT Israel...Otherwise known as a racist bastard.
by duck November 2, 2003
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1) The act of persecuting, bullying, discriminating, and/or committing crimes against or upon another individual(s) or group of persons based on, because of, or due to their moral or Christian or Jewish beliefs, or/and disability, or due to their religious appearance or speech (Nun, Sister, Priest, etc); 2) for a, or because of, difference(s) of (a) moral religion or beliefs, righteous lifestyle, or because the victim worships or serving the only Living GOD of Israel; 3) The act of doing crimes or persecuting the moral without a justifiable cause; 4) judicial discrimination against an employee, defendant, or plaintiff because of moral beliefs or faith, moral act, or moral stance/stand; 5) The act of committing a crime(s) to acquire the land, property (ies), business, home, or possession(s) of a Christian, Jew, disabled, or aged person; 6) the hatred of righteousness, goodness, wisdom, and/or morality; 7) Is the BASIS of terrorism see: the UN International definition of Terrorism, and USA Federal law The Patriot Act; 8) An action or act that causes a Christian or Jew displacement (Federal law); 9) To force a person's will or immorality upon upon a person of moral beliefs or faith because of hate for their religious differences or beliefs; 10) To fulfill, make, and/or act upon threats made to another based on the victim's Christian or Jewish faith, religion, or beliefs (Biblical, Christian, Torah).
"It is anti-semitism to persecute a Christian or Jew, simply because you are a Pagan".; " I am going to change your (their) life !'; " I have anti-semitism against you for your moral beliefs and stand !"; "We are going to human traffic them, because they are a Jew and we are not !"; "The political Party committed anti-semitism today....".
by The 'Beaver' April 8, 2019
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The act of prejudice of Jews, commonly associated with the Holocaust and Hitler's ongoing loathe for Jews. If you support Anti-Semitism you are the fucktard.
Edward: Lily, just learned about Anti-Semitism and Hitler's disdain for Jews—bad guy.
Lily: Damn didn't know that—but yes, Hitler was a bad little dude!!
by ohjohnny March 14, 2021
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Someone who is anti everyone that can speak Arabic, Hebrew, or Aramaic.
There isn't a person alive who is anti everyone that can speak Arabic, Hebrew, or Aramaic, thus there's no such thing as an anti-Semite. It's just another myth invented by the pathologically lying people of the Kol Nidre.

Anti-Semite or "the A word" is a vulgar term with a dark history that's used by supremacists and anti-Anglites. It has been used by violent and perverse people trying to deflect criticism for their atrocities.
by Objective-Reason Daddy November 3, 2023
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