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Hateful towards Jews.
See Anti-semite
People who say that all Jews are greedy are anti-Semitic.

The ADL is on the lookout for anti-semitic activities.
by aaronak October 28, 2004
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What Isreal calls anyone who criticizes anything that they do and is not Jewish. Used by Israel to make those that hate them for legitimate reasons (such as the fact that they have murdered 500 palestinian kids in the past 4 years) seem like racist Nazis. A word that is meaningless today.
-Isreal has defied numerous security council resolutions, has nuclear weapons, is a racist state and is building an apartheid wall, that is why I hate it.
-No, you're just anti-semitic.
by Mark Franklinberg March 20, 2006
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Hateful towards Jews and Arabs but usually just Jews
Bitches who think the Holocaust never happened are anti-semitic assholes.
by lazyjay February 25, 2005
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Any person, statement, culture, nation, individual or other noun that EVEN REMOTELY THINKS OF CRITICIZING Israel, a Jewish person, army, corporation, politician or any noun associated with Israel or the word Jewish.
Did you hear that antisemitic who pointed out the fact that the Israeli Army massacred 300 children in their latest offensive in Gaza?

That antisemitic just showed people a map of the settlements in Israel. How dare she try to inform people about what is happening there!!!

He said that he doesn't like blintzes? What an antisemitic!!!
by HeWhoWatchesTheWatchmen September 26, 2009
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is also not a word. since when is someone anti-arab?, Arabs are also semitic. If your anti-jew, then that should be the word. Not anti-semitic. Anti-Semtic means you are against Arabs, Hebrews etc.

he's anti-semitic, he hates arabs.

the word "Anti-Semitism" should be liberated for all Semitic people. And Jews are not Semitic, They are Khazarian (Ashkenazic, European) The Only Semitic Jews are Sephards
by Sherman February 23, 2005
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Something everyone secretly wants to be, but it is socially unacceptable.
Kid: "I wish I was Pewdiepie"
Other kid: "Yeah! Lets be Anti-Semitic!"
by lildickgangggggggggggg March 05, 2018
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