The year in which World War II stopped, according to the discovery channel.
Notice how discovery channel programming jumps from North Africa in 1942 straight to D-Day, in 1944. Probably because nothing really happened, and Italy isn't a real country anyway.

Skim past 1943 and let's talk a little about monte cassino.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 20, 2004
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The film is notable for being the first filmed appearance of Batman. Also, the film introduced "The Bat's Cave". The name was altered to the Batcave for use in the comic books as well as the Grandfather's clock entrance. Also, the comic Alfred was overweight and clean-shaven prior to the serial's release. Austin was trim and sported a thin mustache. The comic Alfred's appearance was altered to match that of Austin's, and remains the same to this day.
Batman (1943) also has a short story comic based off it continuing the story right after it left off
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The latest game released by DICE on July 8th, and 9th of 2009. It is essentially a lower level but nicer graphics version of Battlefield 1942. On the day of the release the forums were flooded with people complaining about various issues. One member even threatened to file a class action lawsuit against DICE for "misleading" people to somehow enter their credit card information, download the game, install it, and start play it. Pretty odd.

The game itself is quite fun, but rather glitchy in the earliest form. In time the game is speculated to have various bug fixes, and perhaps even more maps.

Many console wars broke out over the "Coral Sea Challenge" which is essentially if the community of Xbox and Playstation 3 users get 43 million kills in total, the 100% dogfight map Coral Sea will be unlocked. A counter was added to the home page, and Xbox users started to boast about how they were winning, causing Playstation 3 users to retaliate and cause a console war.
Battlefield 1943 is a good game, just needs a bit of work. You can't beat the $15 price either.
by Da Milkman July 13, 2009
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A new variant of the Covid-19 virus originating from those who dosed at Tippers April 19th bicycle day set and refuse to take off their tnf wristband even though its been over 4 years
Dude i wish i could make it to tnf-5 but i still have covid-1943
by Spuntard May 12, 2023
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Some loco that looks like a 12 year old colored
Up 1943 looks like some one put paint up there ass and shitted on UP 9026
by FuckingFoamer November 30, 2017
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