(original meaning)
1. expansive- extensive, deep, complex, not easily seen or understood.

2. expansive- redneck mispronunciation of "expensive"
Senator: The expansive bill passing through the senate will hurt the economy.

Redneck 1: That is one daggum nice truck you got there,
how much d'ya git it for?

Redneck 2: I can't quite remember, but I knows it was expansive!
by BrielThur October 9, 2009
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A wide/large area/space of something (land, water, area, etc...)
There is a limited expanse of rural areas here, why don’t we better replace it with a green land area through intensive farming?
by Yasswf May 6, 2018
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The DLC to Splatoon 2. Might as well define literal hell.
"Hey I got Octo Expansion."
"You let the 8 Ball Fall - Test Failed."
by Woomynator May 30, 2019
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A weird ass fetish were the artist draws tits that takes up most of Earth or a dick the size of Jupiter. Then, they slap any fictional character and call it "art" because the artist is so fucking lazy. Come on, if you're going to draw big tits or cock, at least don't make it take up the entire picture
Dude 1: Dude, I just found this hyper expansion picture of Amy Rose here. She's got tits the size of the fucking sun
Dude 2: What site was it posted on?
Dude 1: furaffinty.net
Dude 2: Because of course it is
by I shit bees July 19, 2021
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Breast expansion is a fictional sexual fetish of watching a woman's breast expand/ grow.
I Bought a new breast expansion video today, the process was really good
by The Wierdo guy June 13, 2017
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A term used to describe the mental perceptions one experiences while under the influence of certain psychedelic drugs.
Psychedelic mind expansion makes me feel as if I am one with the universe.
by Interdimensional Traveler August 8, 2009
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a type of art on deviantart that features people/characters (usually women) with enlarged body parts, typically boobs or butt.
don't look it up.
dude, i looked up a deviantart expansion, i was blind for 6 days
by notathotboi January 11, 2019
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