or "gimpin" is when you re out, but not able to communicate verbally for various reasons, fe after consuming too many drugs. Its lit. like having a zipper instead of your lips and its closed for the night.."gimpin aint easy... "
"no conversation pleaaaase, cant you see I m gimping with my mates"
by jensta November 05, 2005
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Gimping describes the trend of people (gimpers) taking photos of other people taking photos (gimps). Good gimpage is judged on how amusing or well-known the gimp looks when taking the photo. Multiple gimping; photos of many people taking photos, is also celebrated, with the intention of getting as many cameras as possible into the photo. Landmarks and tourist hotspots are typical areas to gimp, although gimpers will often happily gimp one another just for fun.
Japanese tourist group by the Eiffel Tower? Great gimping opportunities!
by Franibal May 13, 2008
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The act of a female releasing a vile of vestigial fruit flies into her vagina. This typically occurs in a science class or similar environment.
Steve: Dude, did you hear that Sarah was gimping?
Joe: I know! I went to fuck her and a bunch of flies came out of her vag! I hopped off that like a black person getting away from a relatively healthy food.
by The Accident December 15, 2010
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To belong to a group of LAN partie dudes who used to call themselves gimpfactory. Gimping is the verb used to describe the actions that occur at the LAN parties they held.
Lads, who's on for a spot of gimping at the weekend?
by Mr U April 18, 2005
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its an acronym for gizzing in my pants. (yeah, like the song gizz in my pants by lonely island)
dude, last time I saw your mom, I was still gimping the next time I saw her.
by bob vila II June 02, 2009
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