Deriving from a "vegetative" state often used in the medical field, it is a state of total physical apathy, usually on a couch or bed with music or in front of a TV; influence of drugs aids but is not essential to the meaning of the term.

The earliest media use of the term "veg out" originates from the 1990 film Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts says: "Let's watch old movies all night... we'll just veg out in front of the TV."
I'm going to spent all of Saturday to just just veg out on my bed listening to Radiohead and Coldplay.

I wasted a whole Friday night vegging in front of the TV.
by The hardest button to button February 6, 2010
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The female version of 'rock out with your cock out'. However, refers to relaxing at home with nothing on the lower part of your body, usually watching television/films or playing video games and eating junk.
Girl 1: 'What shall we do today?'
Girl 2: 'Let veg out with your vag out!'
Girl 1: 'Cool, i'll go rent some DVD's and you get the Doritos!'
by nursenetty January 12, 2010
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1. The act in which to enjoy an outing of golf.

2. The act in which you receive oral sex while golfing.
"Lets go bro, I'm ready to veg out with my wedge out!"

"Hey baby, lets go by those bushes. I am ready to veg out with my wedge out."
by Golf-Pro641128 February 8, 2010
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When you, as a woman get the chance to be unhindered by the societal norms and constricting nature of pants (as well as braziers) and finally get the opportunity to unwind and "treat yoself" and "do you boo", allowing yourself to engage in a little "self-care".
It's been a rough week Deb, I think I'll go home, open a bottle of wine, turn on Gilmore Girls and "veg out with my hedge out."
by Jeffy Tranks October 3, 2020
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