An amazing programme which is great for horror lovers- there are currently four seasons:
Murder House- which is about ghosts
Asylum- features demonic possession, serial killers and zombie things
Coven- focuses on witches in New Orleans
Freak Show- which centers on a freak show in the lowly town of Jupiter, Florida.
Contains sexually explicit scenes and bad language. It's rated an 18 but should be like a 15
Person #1: Omg did you see American Horror Story last night?
Person #2: Yeah! Evan Peters is so hot!!
by AHSFan April 2, 2015
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A horror show that airs on FX. The first season just ended and a second one is in production. The show was centered on the Harmon familie's experience in a haunted mansion filled with trapped spirits. It is not the typical haunting plot, the twists are never expected, and it is an incredible show.
person one: Hey, did you see the American Horror Story finale yesterday?

person two: Yeah, it was insane! It was totally unexpected!
by Vharmon December 29, 2011
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An amazing, twisted, creepy show. It's about a house that is haunted (and it truly is not as kooky as it sounds), and a family move there for a fresh start.

There are some pretty intruiging characters too, like Addie (sadly she dies) and Violet, and Tate. Tate is basically a phsycopath (but Violet, who is the daughter of the family, goes out with him).

It's quite confusing, and some of the ghosts are a bit scary. That might just because I am a wimp though...

The current series has finished, ending with many many more ghosts in the house. Spooky.
Person 1: Did you see American Horror Story last night?

Person 2: Yeah, Tate shot his whole school up. He's messed up dude.

Person 1: Well, yeah, but so hot. Shame he's dead and crazy.

Person 2: True, life sucks.
by LokiPumpkin December 28, 2011
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A horror show that airs on fx. the acting and writing is terrible but some of the premises are all right
In my opinion, American Horror Story’s writing is like a cheesy soap opera
by shidder July 25, 2021
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a tv series that is like watching a horror movie every season, with 9 seasons. said seasons are:

1 Murder House
2 Asylum
3 Coven
4 Freak Show
5 Hotel
6 Roanoke
7 Cult
8 Apocalypse
9 1984
8/10 on IMDb, "I love american horror story! it is my fav show since i finished scream queens, it is all i ever see anymore. my favorite seasons has got to be 1984 and cult!"

that said i highly recommend watching ahs if u have not!
by val soot July 4, 2021
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