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Great fucking system!!! Anyone who says it's a kiddy system is obviously a 12 year old kid who jacks off to his mom's victoria's secret catalogs.
Gamecube is great, it has all the hot exclusives like MGS Twin Snakes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, SSB Melee, Metroid Prime, and many more. Also it has the kickass Wavebird controler, and comes in more colors than black. (And for the record I'm not a Nintendo fan boy, i have a PS2 as well)
by seth March 16, 2004
Tell that Fargin Cuntee to get me my Rolling Papers.
by seth January 6, 2005
Fully taken care of; Killed

English (UK) slang
That bugger got propa fucked indnt ee?
by seth April 10, 2005
whut he sed only we aint losers and we aint different from anybody else. we down wit the clown fo' life
by seth January 26, 2005
where one acts like he/she just ate bad sushi, falls on the floor, and acts like he/she is having a seizure.
"Sean, do the sushi dance!"
by seth March 17, 2005
a male being possessing asshole qualities.
seth paul is a schwangka!
by seth November 11, 2003
Coledest tasting beer in the universe, official sponser of superbowl 39 and the NFL...Haters can eat a fat one, all you micro brew faggots smoke swag.
micro brewery's are for trendy metro sexuals.
by seth December 2, 2004