Euphemistically fat, overweight.
I really liked her, but she was full-bodied.
by WoodyWoodsta August 3, 2017
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Machine rape, usually conducted at airports
Dude! I got a full body scan at the airport, and I swear, the guy at the computer was just staring at the screen!
by pissedoffbythetsa November 16, 2010
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Post-defecation shower utilized to bring back the "full body clean" feeling desired by all.

Occasionally wiping just won't cut it and leaves people feeling dirty. Rather than plugging away, clogging the toilet with TP and chafing your arse, just jump in the shower.
While serving aboard the USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) and standing ERLL watch, I had to drop a deuce in a bucket.

Once my defecation was complete, I disposed of the deuce in the aft sump and made Rappy pump it to the bilge collection tank. That really stunk up the engine room!

After watch was over, I felt dirty. Suddenly I realized that I should take a Full Body Bidet to restore my desired "Full Body Clean" feeling.
by MeEnergia March 2, 2010
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When instead of choosing to get groped by TSA officials, one chooses the full body scam. This is where everyone thinks that a machine takes revealing pictures of passengers to find dangerous items. But in fact, they are using these pictures to benefit the porn industry.
Guy: "hey I saw a playboy magazine the other day and I swear one chick had the exact same body as my girlfriend!"
Friend: "has she been on a plane recently?"
Guy: "ya just a couple of months ago! Why?"
Friend: "she must be a victim of the full body scam"
Guy: "those bastards!"
by leopard07 December 13, 2010
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An unfortunately common skin condition possessed by friends or roommates who, despite all their efforts of cleaning (if any), always smell fucking horrible. Their bedsheets are worryingly discolored yellow as a result of their nasty, cheese covered skin constantly being in contact with it, which in turn creates a reluctance for you to touch them. Like a boisterous drunk, a person suffering from Full Body Smegma makes their presence instantly known, but rather than being obnoxiously rude and loud, they bring a stench so gut punching that if you tried to breathe through your mouth to avoid the stench, you'd probably throw up instead.
Guy 1: "Dude, my roommate always smells like ass, he's nasty."
Guy 2: "If his skin's kinda greasy he probably has Full Body Smegma."
Guy 1: "You mean he has dick cheese all over his body?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, pretty much."
by Sang-froid December 20, 2017
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a picture of oneself that includes the entire body. this is for on-line conversation purposes as to know whether your conversation partner is good looking or not.
i have a new pen pal and i really like her but i can't commit to anything until i see a full body shot.
by dani_guay November 5, 2007
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A legal way to advertise a massage which ends with the man receiving a hand job.
A full body massage costs 40 dollars for half an hour.
by left4ded April 13, 2005
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