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Of or pertaining to the language, traditions and culture of the people of the Germanic speaking countries of northern and western Europe. The Germanic peoples originated in what now is modern Scandinavia and northern Germany but spread throughout Europe even into the the Roman Empire of modern day Italy, France and Spain and also parts of central and eastern Europe. The Germanic people typically have fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair but also brown, red and black hair and brown eyes.
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and English are all Germanic rooted languages and each country has (but not exclusively) a Germanic ancestry.
by sprimusp June 27, 2011
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Of historical ethinic origin
Now presupposing accurate direction of imaginary breeze is conducive to germanic perceptively actually sneeze figuratively at notobe sneezed@rational irrational brew, then virtual reality would'vessential entering withdrew.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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Of or relating to the German people
Dickie W: Please reveal today's well not crucial but still fun i guess, will stuart get his century? well he's 12 points away but it's still fun. anyway here it is, if your both ready, please reveal to days countdown conundrum.......GERMANICS
by Terl Fleming November 06, 2003
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