The most versatile word ever to exist. Is it a verb? Is it an adjective? Perhaps even a noun. The only person who knows the secret of this word is Hans von Hozel, the word's infamous creator. Danube is a word which works well in any situation.
She danubed across the room.

I danube what you are saying.

I danube, you danube, he/she/it danubes.
by Hozel von Hans November 20, 2010
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"Surreptitiously" scratching your balls by pinching your crotch in front of your pants. When you do so inside your pocket, it is known as "Blue Danubing Mezzo-Piano." Named after the waltz composed by Johann Strauss.
While having a conversation with someone, he began Blue Danubing by very obviously pinching his crotch. I swear I'm going to get that guy some jock itch cream as a graduation present.
by Lotramin Dealer May 8, 2010
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Well you see here these are what you wrote about in geography when you don’t know the real answer. These little fellas swim the rivers of Danube and capture pirates and other people to take back to their caves and eat them old sons. In other words. The Middle East is a pretty messed up place if ya ask me
The Danube goblins stole my husbands sunglasses and bit off his toes.
by Goblin king April 17, 2019
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When your penis goes blue from wanking it too hard. Excessively choking the chicken all day, until the head of your cock goes blue, or even purple.
How's your blue danube brotha? Geese real sore, almost purple Jim.
by BlairBlue July 5, 2006
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When you have been looking for the name of a certain song for a very long time then you finally find it.
Person 1: I just found out the name to this cool electro beat!
Person 2: Not much of an interesting blue danube moment
by Kim Jong-Ill May 12, 2020
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Basically a Russian version of David (Davud) who knows how to do things but he is too lazy to do stuff (Nub)
You're being a Danub
by Danub slayer May 15, 2020
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