People in western countries born from the mid-1960s to 1980 approximately. You can imagine them as a blend of Boomers and Millennials in both good and bad traits but way more cynical. You might be cynical too if you were stuck between those two.
Why is Chad always such a naysayer? He's generation X.
by VastBleek November 16, 2019
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The smallest, most overlooked, neglected, and forgotten generation in the 20th century. All of them as of this writing are between 40 and 60 years old and their children are mostly late-wave Millennials and early wave Z’ers. The core X’ers were children in the 1970’s and teenagers in the 1980’s. They were the most cynical and self-sufficient growing up and the last generation raised without political correctness, overprotective parents, stranger danger, mollycoddling, and homosexuality unacceptable in most of American society. They were the first generation to become tech-savvy and enjoy music videos on MTV.To this day, few of them are running society and the Baby Boomers are still dominating the corporate and political landscape despite being of retirement age.
Mike’s a Generation X’er. He was born in 1970, wore Izod shirts growing up, and favorite music groups are Metallica and Nirvana.
by waspcoloredstain July 25, 2021
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The generation born right around the end of the 1960s baby boomer cultural takeover, basically anyone born after 1965 (Dylan going electric) and before 1977 (so that you'd hafta be at least 1 yr. old when Star Wars came out). The title Generation X was designated by the media to indicate a distinct group population for marketing purposes. Generation X members are generally considered laid back (slackers), market savvy (having been inundated by the mass media and MTV since their pre-teen years), prone to psychological disorders (the first generation with a majority to have grown up with absent or divorced parents), and considered less important than baby boomers (who are btw the egomaniacal bastids to make that distinction in the first place, sheesh). Generational trends however suggest that Gen Xers are smarter than people think, are more capable and hard working than expected, and will eventually rule the world by lining up the baby boomer bastids against the wall when the revolution comes!
Also, the name of a punk band I think.
None needed. Generation X already knows.
by Paul Wartenberg September 24, 2003
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A tech savvy generation with the unfortunate distinction of being born after the Boomer generation and thus having to suffer through the worse childhood of any generation.

Generally, for those who survived being spoiled rotten or beaten by their parents, they became happy, outgoing, and very innovative. For those who had to fight their way out they became leaders, innovators, and strong willed.

Criticized for being slackers but surviving the boomer generation would take the energy and initiative out of anybody.
Anyone born between 1967 and 1981.

Joaquin Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Marc Andreessen,
by Melizza August 27, 2005
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The 45 million people born between 1965 and 1976. Dubbed Generation "X" because they have no war, depression or other socioeconomic condition to identify themselves with. (i.e. Malcom "X"-has no family name, thus he must go by his given name.)
Mountain Dew's use of extreme sports in advertising targeted to Generation Xers helped boost the brand's market share to fourth in the soft drink category.
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A book by the Canadian author Douglas Coupland, thought to epitomize a particularly jaded and ironic generation of slackers.
Life in a Coma and Shampoo Planet totally sucked. Generation X is his best book.
by Man descending May 5, 2005
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American pop cultural reference to the population of those born between 1965 and 1977(to include any year in the 1980s is INACCURATE), holding the distinction of being the first American generation born into divorce, moral cultural decline, well as major technical advances.

The starting point of 1965 is chosen by virtue of its status of the first year of the drop-off from the baby booming pattern that had long been running prior to it.
Kurt Cobain was considered the musical voice of Generation X.
by ringgoddess October 9, 2005
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