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Vulgar and incoherent ghetto poetry usually set off to pre-programmed 'beats'. Or 99% of the musical content found in the 99% lacking in music air-time MTV network.
If I want to listen to something more pleasing than rap, I can just listen to the sound that comes out of the rear engine of a broken down pick-up truck.
by ringgoddess October 9, 2005
The population of those following Generation X, born roughly between 1978 and 1995, and for the longest time not carrying much cultural distinction from the already identity lacking generation proceeding it. As of more recently, things like 9/11, the war on terror and perhaps the explosion of the world wide web will come to be associated with this still developing generation.
Generation Y will likely be remembered as the cyber generation.
by ringgoddess October 9, 2005
A 27 year Canadian veteran of the pro-wrestling industry whose proficient technical wrestling skill was overshadowed by his incessantly whining, self-pitying off-camera persona which led to the infamous Montreal Screwjob, his final appearance in the company where he was unexpectedly denied of a title win. His delay in years to finally get over it, along with his fanatically loyal fanbase still not being over it has also hurt his image as an otherwise accomplished, if overrated superstar. Has a tendency to seek sympathy from fans by painting his foes in negative light whenever he doesn't get his way, and tends to be as morally hypocritical as people accuse the U.S. President of being.
Bret Hart is widely considered as the greatest technician of all-time when in fact there are loads of grapplers superior in the area, amongst whom are his younger, underrated brother Owen Hart, whom was unfairly overshadowed by Bret's success.
by ringgoddess October 7, 2005
American pop cultural reference to the population of those born between 1965 and 1977(to include any year in the 1980s is INACCURATE), holding the distinction of being the first American generation born into divorce, moral cultural decline, well as major technical advances.

The starting point of 1965 is chosen by virtue of its status of the first year of the drop-off from the baby booming pattern that had long been running prior to it.
Kurt Cobain was considered the musical voice of Generation X.
by ringgoddess October 9, 2005
Term used to describe a young caucasion, usually of middle-class background, who wishes to emulate the typical lifestyle, appearance and behavior found in American's heavily African-American populated inner city slums. Their recent growth in population can be attributed to the mainstream popularizing of ghetto culture by the MTV and BET networks. It is important to note the irony in these people not typically possessing the fortitude to actually step into in a inner city slum or so much as interact with an African American person.
I really wish that wigger would pull his oversized pants up to his waste.
by ringgoddess October 9, 2005
An overprivileged, but ungrateful adolescent who responds to his boredom by dressing up like a vampire.
What a wannabe goth.
by ringgoddess October 11, 2005