One who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty, make frequent one-way trips to negative town, and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation. They have the capacity to rant and whine for hours on end about the most insignificant inconveniences. They tend to travel solo, but have the keen ability to spread their pessimistic attitude to a group of unsuspecting bystanders and encourage others to employ their mindset.
Naysayers tend to blend in with those around them rather well, granted they have learned over the years to adapt to their surroundings. However, when the opportunity arises, their true nature will be exposed and they will stop at nothing to exclude others or bring a general sense of negativity to any situation.
Not to be confused with non-naysayers who fight against the negativity brought forth by naysayers, make the best of a situation and are not afraid to call out a naysayer on the spot.
Being the world renowned naysayer that he was, Jobe complained about nearly every aspect of the party and made sure nobody else had a good time.
by non-naysayer August 4, 2006
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someone with an aggressively negative attitude
I have to avoid him because he's just a naysayer. He drains my batteries.
by Tobias January 9, 2004
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a very negitave person
Fuck the naysayers they dont mean a thing, cuz this is what style be bring- 311 all mixed up
by apugs July 21, 2004
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Refers to a person who as a pessimistic view in life and is always looking for excuses for not being able to achieve what others are able to. They complain non-stop and expect the world to give them handouts.
Feminists are such naysayers, non-stop complaining, bitter and negative people.
by Johny_1703 January 16, 2015
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he is a noisy horse isn't he? quite the naysayer
by jimmyricard August 26, 2010
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A person who advises potential victims against investing in pyramid schemes, Ponzi scams and similar types of fraud.
Word typically used by recruiters/pushers of such scams.
"Don't listen to the naysayers who are spreading negativity; Join our fabulous Panama-based risk-free program, pay in 500 dollars, and receive a guaranteed 2% profit each day for 6 months!"
by S Holmes October 21, 2009
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One who disagrees with a youtube or blogtv personality by always refuting what they say
I would have had a good show today, but the naysayers were out in full force and kept interrupting me and disagreeing with everything I said
by Brad Wilson63 February 2, 2012
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