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A hot new label that has been out for the past 15-20 years describing a person, usually a boy of school age, that is physically and socially awkward, lacking common sense, has trouble making friends, has obsessive interests that are trivial to most people, and blackballed from the general populace. In the past, many were described as a spaz, reject, goofy, or incompetent.
Asperger's Syndrome
by waspcoloredstain June 10, 2013
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A town of about 8,000 in the southwest part of the state that consists of more taxis than privately owned vehicles. The atmosphere of the town is one of despair, hopelessness, and general filth. The residents are mostly Yupik natives, Albanians, Koreans, and displaced, hapless, middle-class white people that work mainly as pilots of small aircraft, in health care, and the school system. Few, if any of the public buildings, hotels, shopping areas, and restaurants are rarely, if ever cleaned. A can of soup at the AC Store runs for about $5 and a meal of hamburger and french fries runs for about $15. No recreation center or indoor pool for the kids to ease their boredom.
Bethel, Alaska
by waspcoloredstain June 10, 2013
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An uncouth, low IQ, blue-collar worker making more money than the average starting physician, lawyer, or engineer, yet nothing to show for it, unless it's a monster truck or double-wide trailer because they spend most of their money on booze and women. Most of them live on the Texas or Louisiana coast and Alaska's Mat-Su Valley when they aren't working. Roughneck women that work in those oilfield environments often have a chip on their shoulder and distrust or dislike of men that are kind, intelligent, or courteous.
by waspcoloredstain June 6, 2013
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Children born between the mid-1990's to 2010. The youngest ones are starting elementary school and the oldest ones have been out of high school only a couple of years. They are the sheltered and lifeless spawn of Generation X and early Generation Y'ers that have never known a world without internet and cell phones, America at war with the Middle East, had their parents monitor them even worse than Y'ers, rode in car seats until they were 9 and never in the front seat of cars until they were 10, most go to college even though most high school age kids of this generation can barely read or write or find their own home state on a U.S. map, their music is pretty manufactured and unimaginative, food allergies very commonplace because they've had vaccinations for every disease known to mankind and spend most of their times indoors, unstructured playtime is almost unknown with play dates arranged by their mom's, playground equipment is all plastic with a foam ground underneath, and many are generally bored despite the nonstop use of electronic devices.
Generation Z came of age after 9/11
by waspcoloredstain May 3, 2015
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A term to describe an upscale baker that specializes in making fancy pastries, pies, cakes, and the like, but knows very little, if anything, about preparing breads or other yeast products
Pastry Chef
by waspcoloredstain July 1, 2013
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A ridiculous looking plug many young guys put in their holed earlobes and stretch them. And another reminder of how I can't stand Generation Y'ers.
by waspcoloredstain September 18, 2013
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A once true conservative party that was made up of well-mannered, genteel, decent people that believed in a small government, total freedom of speech, an America that you could be what you wanted through hard work and determination, and opposition to slavery. Today, the majority are racist white Protestant assholes with money that get wealthy through shady business practices, watch Fox News, or common blue-collar workers with closed minds that still wave the American flag, love their guns, hate homosexuals, and are perfectly okay breaking their back working for pennies.

Barry Goldwater was an example of a true Republican!
by waspcoloredstain July 1, 2013
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