Anyone born btwn 1937-1956
THE BOOMER GENERATION (1937-1956)- The most radical anti-war, idealist of this generation were born in the late 1930s and early 1940s yet they are never included in the traditional boom years of 1946-1964. Abbie Hoffman (1937), Jerry Rubin (1938), Tom Hayden (1939), Jane Fonda (1937), George Carlin (1937), Peter Fonada (1939), Ted Turner (1939), Richard Pryor (1940) John Lennon (1940), Joan Baez (1941), Bob Dylan (1941). You can't tell me these activist fit the mold of the silent generation. Was John Lennon really part of the silent generation??? People born after 1954 were too young to be affected by Vietnam and to participate in Woodstock. Some of the early punk rock and heavy metal pioneers like Billy Idol (1955) member of the punk band "Generation X", Johnny Rotten (1956) of the Sex Pistols were born during the cusp years.
by drumboogie1970 January 28, 2008
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