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An awsome game that had what fews games do - playability. Great graphics, story, and gameplay. Worthy of full price and repeat play. A gem only to be surpassed by (Hopefully) Halo 3.
Mike: Hey lets play Halo 1!
Jack: Cool.
(30 days later)
Mike: Shouldn't we stop to eat something?
Jack: What..food? Ok, After we play through legendary mode.
Mike: Good idea.
by Melizza September 20, 2005
A tech savvy generation with the unfortunate distinction of being born after the Boomer generation and thus having to suffer through the worse childhood of any generation.

Generally, for those who survived being spoiled rotten or beaten by their parents, they became happy, outgoing, and very innovative. For those who had to fight their way out they became leaders, innovators, and strong willed.

Criticized for being slackers but surviving the boomer generation would take the energy and initiative out of anybody.
Anyone born between 1967 and 1981.

Joaquin Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Marc Andreessen,
by Melizza August 27, 2005
An overhyped title that ended up on the used games shelf faster than a mcdonalds hamburger going stale. Managed to get kudos for cinematics, dual wielded weapons, and increased multiplayer action. Nothing memorable. If you payed full price you got juked.
Jack: Let's play Halo 2!!
Mike: OK!!
(8 hours later)
Jack: Wow, finished.
Mike: Let's trade it in for UT3
Jack: Sounds Great.
by Melizza September 20, 2005
A woman who got married, raised children and stayed home then suddenly around her mid-late 50's(after the feminist movement) decided she wanted to be independent of all responsibility and dress like a teenager and divorce her husband.
Mike: Hey what's wrong with your mom?
John: She's been watching 'Sex in the City'
Mike: She looks like a sausage in that spandex.
John: She's become a grandfather feminist.
by Melizza August 27, 2005
Spoiled suburban skateboard kid who tries to act tough and sometimes ghetto. Mom forces him to go to church hoping he'll get saved. Grew up with everything but still unhappy. Gets owned in any fight against urban kids. Eventually gives up skating and goes to college.
by Melizza August 27, 2005
A world filled with lazy, out of shape, undisciplined whiners who break down under the smallest of pressures and complain about everything the military does.
Sgt: Where are you headed soldier?
GI: I'm going home! Back to civilian life.
Sgt: Are you nuts? You'll die a miserable death.
by Melizza October 9, 2005
Alien beings born between 1946-1964. Sent here from Mars to bring us horrible music, food and culture. They fall into two categories a)Hippie Boomer b)Republican Boomer.(See below) Gave birth to Gen Xers and Y's. They are either desperately trying to hang onto their jobs or looking to retire and send boring emails to their kids.

Hippie Boomer- Smoked weed, did LSD, protested vietnam, usually anti-republican. Now running many corporations and holding most teaching positions in colleges and universities. Overated view of self and relevance to history. Drives an SUV or Volvo.

Republican Boomer- Hopes to preserve the 1950's against hippie boomer leftism. Generally mildly racist and the parent of at least one gay child. Tends to focus on money and politics more than art and music. Drives an SUV or pickup truck.
Mary: Hey, hows it going?
Julie: I found out my parents are Baby Boomers.
Mary: I'm so sorry.
by Melizza August 27, 2005