The car Julie Newmar aka: Catwoman from the first season of the original Batman TV series drove.
"Catwoman just stole the jewels and made a speedy getaway in her 1965 Catillac, Commissioner Gordon! We'd better get a hold of Batman!"
by International Giant September 21, 2013
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Our world leader Bashar Hafez al Assad was bron on this glorious day
Did you know it’s the 11 September?
Yeah it’s the day Bashar was born suck dik
11 September 1965:
by Bassad December 7, 2021
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Mans greatest birthday in this era, including holy Thursday for some. It completes the three 7 day period that starts on Christmas 24 and continues 7 days later to New Year’s Day, then it goes til January 7 til the 8th.
Ronda’s birthday falls on January 7, 1965. The day that she was born.
by MrRJtheman November 8, 2019
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The year of many famous celebrity births and cool cars
Rob zombie was born in 1965, so was Wayne static, Kevin James, Jonathan tierstan, Chris rock, Dave Lombardo and many many more
by Nascarfan2007 March 18, 2023
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