those who are now growing up in a virtual world, with realistic video games,using alter egos played on the xbox,ps3, wii and the internet. Using their ipods and texting instead of cds,albums or tapes and talking face to face.
generation x-box has more of an online social life than a real one. with online virtual worlds and multiplayer online games gives the user a chance to be someone or something they are not in real life.
by spydermonkey July 21, 2008
the nostalgic notion amongst twentysomethings to wish they'd came of age in an era of peace and prosperity.
After the Bush twins showed up my friends and I retired to the balcony to participate in a healthy re-generation x session.
by Ripcord December 13, 2006
MTV Generation is a span of time to which teenagers are fund of watching MTV's of favorite singers. It is where the youth are influenced by their idols and they tend to follow the way they dress and carry themselves. Generation X for this generation belongs to the youth of the 20th century where MTV has made a breakthrough over Multi Media!
"MTV generation belong to the youth of 20th Century and it is where Music Videos are being shown and influences the youngsters"
by Orville Atienza April 25, 2005