The feeling of childhood freedoms slipping away without any warning, the loss of unstructured time for relaxation, the necessity to work to survive. The impending journey across space and time to achieve one's dream, the feeling of hopelessness when that dream is not achieved, reflection upon one's carefree childhood, longing, regret and desire for a good retirement fund and a glass o' prune juice.
My Dad paid off the mortgage with my college fund, because since I'm "growing up", I should learn to pay for my own things.
by Grim Repairer August 26, 2008
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it sucks to grow up, but everybody does.... and we're still fighting it.
my best friend is growing up
by Melvin November 6, 2004
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the realization that ones prior beliefs for the rest there life can and will not ever be possible.
Wallace gave up on music and love becuase he was growing up.
by TheCult January 26, 2006
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A term female celebrities will often use as an excuse to turn into a total slut/whore/courtesan/prostitute/harlot. They usually start their careers at a young age, with a fake innocent image. When they are close to their twenties, new, unneccessarily slutty and horrendous songs and music videos will be produced. More often than not, they will be hated by the world, contrary to their beliefs that they will sell even more. What a bunch of whores.

Another excuse from them would be things such as, "im just showing my true self, the innocent me is just a fake image"
In other words, they are nothing but a pure bred prostitute.
1)Britney Spears: So like, what do you think of my new video. Like, is it gooood?
Random man: You, my good woman, are an atrocious slut.
Britney Spears: omgwtfhaxx, im just growing up!

2)Christina Aguilera: Im like, soooo going to come up with a slutty and annoying song/video, just because im growing up
Random Man: Dude, what about your vocal talents(*whisper*if you even have any*whisper*)
Christina Aguilera: Dude, screw that, im actually a whore.
*sometime after her sales go down*
Christina Aguilera: Noooo, i aint no whore, im just experimenting with my image, see, look at my new music video.
by Narzhul October 21, 2006
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Slang term, means someone needs to change their behavior as they are acting childish.
by RogueUser May 23, 2020
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Something you would say to most users in Urban Dictionary
Most definitions posted by users on UD are dirty, sexy, pervy. Grow up
by Suklaa November 10, 2019
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A phrase parents use against there children, who were a lot more fabulous and fun than they were
*Carlie comes home 2 minutes past curfew*
-"How unacceptable, grow up"
by RihannaNavy23 May 14, 2016
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