The state of having no gender identity, regardless of physical sex.
Not nessacerily the same as an androgyne, but they both appear androgynous.
Genderless people may or may not pursue hormone replacement therapy and/or surgery. They usually want people to refer to them with gender neutral pronouns, instead of he or she.
Alexs' sex is male, but zie has no gender.

Bob: Are you a boy or a girl?
Alex: Neither, i'm genderless. Gender is for foooools! :D
by fruitsalad February 19, 2007
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wait wtf
by KodamaFace November 8, 2011
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Being neither male nor female, but still human. Genderless people may choose the gender that they think they resemble most.
Plonk: "Hey, Run. Hey...why are you at a girls' school?

Rundino: I am a girl.
Plonk: But by friend, Megan, was going to ask you out!
Rundino: The truth is...I am genderless.
Plonk: Oh, ok.
by Mayo. August 5, 2012
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It's what one of my lesbian teachers is. She looks like a man, and a woman rolled into one. (Last time i checked, that was'nt a gender)
eewwww she looks like she (or he) is a genderless!
by celia May 10, 2003
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a person who has no gender.its not like they dont which one they are but they have no penus no testes no boobs and no vagina. so they are neither boy or girl and not a transvestite or hermaphrodite they r just a it i guess.
loo over there that is a genderless person
by refeik March 6, 2009
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a highfive with two unisex people where both partake in a hopelessly awkward gesture. The awkward gesture is linked to the same reaction when you are unaware of the sex of a person. Another form of the gesture is the reaction to walking in on your mother giving head to your father. Even better yet using glue instead of lubricant when masturbating, only to find you have to call your best friend to take you to the hospital. Other variations are less common, however they maybe used.
Bret: "I bought you pants that say 'Enter Here' with an arrow pointing to your ass"
Rico: "Awesome!"
Bret: "Genderless highfive"

*genderless highfive*

Rico: "Wait what?"
Rico: "Oh shit"
Rico: "I heard that wrong."
by bajiloziftw May 23, 2010
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The Genderless Freak is an anomaly known as "People being stupid and not using someone's preferred name". When this happens, the subject will then become something known as "The Genderless Freak". The Genderless Freak is not truly a freak, but someone who has decided to take rude things said to them into their own hands, so the people who have said that will no longer have power. Also see; Nonbinary
"Hey, bro, have you heard of the Genderless Freak?"
"Yeah, but it won't tell me it's real name because society taught them that people will be rude about the name because the current society we live in fucking sucks."
by Mafia Pigeon March 21, 2022
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