A mispelling of 'penis'.
"lol shut up u big penus"
by Anonymous December 22, 2004
donald duck has a tiny penus.
you: your penus is small donald duck
donald duck: stfu u fonking botch.
by french fry dick September 16, 2019
1. A rank in the German Gestapo. Penus Oberschutze. The next rank in line is Penusin Oberschutze. Der, everyone knows that.
1. Oh no it's the fuhrer!!
by spleen October 27, 2004
you misspelled "penis" you b(that plays minecraft)
you: hehe imma type penis in urban dictionary
you: shit i misspelled it

by a person that hates minecraft November 2, 2020
the carrot was penus.
by Blarto April 19, 2009
The word " Penis " spelled " Penus " on purpose to avoid the chat filter used in chatrooms/online multiplayer games. Also used by kids who can't spell.
" Dude go suck a *****.

I mean penus. "

" charlei wft is giong un? Har is growin un ma penus! "
by Bad Neighbor July 11, 2008
A mistranslation of penis. Usually the word to be used in public so as to not get in legal trouble for saying penis in public.
"Hey! you're not supposed to say that in public!"
"Then what do I say?"
"Yeah!! Let's go do it in the bathroom!"
by pipivagina September 7, 2009