Both genders are able to use.
The bathroom was unisex.
by The Camille August 20, 2005
Saying that both sexes can use the same thing
"Me and jenny are both unisex with her mom"
by brandon gerbig June 8, 2005
having sex with a unicycles
Hey! let's go have unisex!!
by clitdestroyer669 September 23, 2019
When an object is intended for use by either the male or female gender, as long as it is not clogs... they are female only
Dude check out my clogs! No bro those clogs are not unisex, they are female only shoes
by unisexer August 12, 2010
A boy who only hangs out with girls because no guy will be his friend. Charachterized by wearing white adidas superstars, tight jeans, and a polyester jacket. Hangs out with hot girls even though he has no desire to have sex with them probably because they dont have a penis. Other people often look at unisexes and wonder if "it" is a boy or a girl.
Person 1: WOAH, that girl is so hot, but it looks like she already has a boyfriend
Person 2: No, hes a unisex
It can mean the person is of both sex's, or an item can be used by both sex's
The Verticulon Long Coat is Unisex.
by JD W. October 6, 2006