The equivalent for "the" while quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger or speaking in an Austrian accent.
"Ten years from now I vil be zie Governator of Kahl-ee-fornia".

"Tonight is zie night”.
by Schmatz September 14, 2007
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It is a proposed gender-specific and gender-neutral pronoun used in place of "he," or "she"
Boy: Are you a "he" or a "she" ;)
Person: Neither, I'm a zie.
by z.Alexandria January 2, 2017
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"Zie" and "boo" are word ednings that belong to the wide spectrum of "love-language". It's just like calling your partner pet names though "zie and boo" are used as additives to already existing normal words. The aim of this alteration is to give comunication between lovers extra sweetness.
by Flying_Steel January 27, 2008
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Once humans but taken down by blizzard he is dead now
Zie the mighty Warrior has fallen
by Denial October 4, 2003
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Coming from the word "bye". Word of rejection to other person speaking. Makes some stop talking once word is used.
Bob: Well today I went....(cut off)
You: Zie
Bob: :(
by djhugoi2 November 5, 2010
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a two-zie is basically a number two...Mostly used in New Jersey but multiple examples in the show "Scrubs"
Just a quick two-zie and ill be ready to go the movies.
by Thomthom June 23, 2006
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Common phrase used in online gaming to automagically make your character run faster. Most commonly found in FPS games where the character needs time to regenerate health and flees from battle panting ziehaw like a breath while running. Or used as a final ditch attempt while running Into say a firefight.
Gamer- Man i gotta take this spawn point... well here goes nothing (while running full bore into enemy territory) ZIE HAW!!!
by Kloud :p November 12, 2010
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