A penis; specifically a penis belonging to a homosexual male. A play on the word k-bar, it refers specifically to an instrument used to stab other haemorrhoid busters in the arse.
Gay-bar brings a whole new perspective to gay bar.
by AKACroatalin January 18, 2017
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An establishment which serves alcohol and has a primarily homosexual clientele.
After dinner, Steve and Joe went to the gay bar.
by woodychitwn November 09, 2004
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really fun song by Electric 6.

"You! I wanna take you to a gay bar. I wanna take you to a gay bar. Gay bar, gay bar, Gay Bar."
by The Bittie July 05, 2006
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4. (Chiefly Dumfries) A bar in which two males may enjoy a drink together without being chased out of town by a lynch-mob of locals, driving a tractor and wielding pitchforks.
On his recent trip to Dumfries, Matt was surprised to discover that Bar ID was not the kind of gay bar he had been expecting.
by Dave Murris July 18, 2005
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Ah, the good old Gay Bar. Where many a good (and often unforgetably disturbing) tale can be told. Like a normal bar, but with lots of big gay males in it. Just remember, the barman is ALWAYS taken.
Never again will I walk into a bar and say "can I bum a fag?"
by Phoenix_NZ March 08, 2004
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An iron rod used for smashing queers.
Gus: What's with the iron rod?

Brad: It's my gay bar. I use it when I go queer hunting. Wanna come?

Gus:No fuckin' way. You're on your own homophobe.

Brad: Fuck You!
by Nonchalant Ego March 24, 2010
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A random word which you use to say when something sucks ass.
Burger-"I got 99.9 Percent on My maths test!"
Me-"I got, uuuuuh, 34 Percent"
Burger-"You dumbass."
Me-"Gay Bar!"
*Slight whack from Lisa*
Me-"OWWWWW, What did you do that for Bitch?"
by GirlSkater March 08, 2004
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