A mad place in Scotland where water (river) divides the neds from normal humans
I live in Dumfires... the normal side!
by telf January 23, 2004
The largest town - and administrative capital - of south-west Scotland.

A once pleasant market town, Dumfries is now colonised by weegies, rich Anglo settlers and Luftwaffe-trained seagulls. Every July the town stages an annual festival called 'Guid Nychburris' (Good Neighbours.) This, however, is merely an excuse for the town's dwellers to engage in the modern British pasttimes of excessive drinking, street violence and unplanned procreation. It is to be avoided at all costs.

The town's only saving graces are Queen of the South FC and the proximity of the beautiful Galloway countryside.
"Have you been to Dumfries yet, Mr Wint?"

"No, Mr Kidd, my friends have informed me that in recent years it has become somewhat of a Netto Ghetto"
by Rabbi Burns April 16, 2009
When you let your dog jizz on your fingers and peel it off the next morning.
Jodie, can you help me peel off my Dumfries Mittens?
by AllsYou’veGotToDoIs March 6, 2019
A homophoic school that cares about nothing but themselves, All the staff are big narcissistic bitches that care 0% about students mental health. All they care about is the awards they get for the school luring in more depressed kids that's already have no will to live. The school only does stuff for Money and Awards and they are getting away with it.
Dumfries Academy: puts up pride flag -upside down-
(Two days later)

DA: takes flag down cause they didn't win the Pride Award
by My pseudonmy May 3, 2022
a type of hard bread roll used as a staple ration for those getting off the muck
"Is this a Dumfries bam or a meringue?"

"No, you were right the first time."
by paddybfaedumfries February 4, 2021