2 definitions by Dave Murris

v. ewinged, ewinging, ewings

1. to cause (eg. a party) to split into two sub-parties, due to mutual incompatibility between the guests.

2. (of a party) to split into two sub-parties


Named after John Ewing, legend in several fields, whose flatwarming party was the first to display this trait, after half of the guests decamped to the kitchen on the arrival of several of his classmates from university.
"The party really ewinged after those twunts arrived."
"Oh dear, we've ewinged this party."
by Dave Murris November 21, 2004
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4. (Chiefly Dumfries) A bar in which two males may enjoy a drink together without being chased out of town by a lynch-mob of locals, driving a tractor and wielding pitchforks.
On his recent trip to Dumfries, Matt was surprised to discover that Bar ID was not the kind of gay bar he had been expecting.
by Dave Murris July 18, 2005
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