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Very sweet and caring. Very understandable. Loves everyone unconditionally. Tries to be the life of the party and is easy to make friends with. Has the prettiest eyes ever. Generally the most perfect boy to walk the planet. A Gus is always there for you, and loves to be with you. The perfect boyfriend. Just plain amazing.
"Did you see that boy hug her over there?"
"Oh he's gotta be a Gus!"
by Ilovemygus September 11, 2011
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gus is the most coolest kid ur ever met even if he does eat alot of food and gets all the girls to say awwwi love u gus ur so huggable
Gus i love u "hugs" ur hugs are the best
by Gus December 18, 2004
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The best boyfriend you could ever have. He's cute as fuck, thick as hell, and sweet and funny asf.
Idk what I'd do without my amazing boyfriend Gus.
by yaboinicc March 13, 2018
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A Gus is a person that you will only meet once in a life time, his height is probably around 6'10 and weighs around 350 pounds, a Gus is a person who likes sports,Whiskey,and hunting. A Gus is a person who will care for friend or foe no matter what! He would lay down his life for others.
Gus is a good man.
by TitanFall June 13, 2018
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A guy who knows exactly what to do to reel the girls in, being very goodlooking, he has many sluty guy friends but somehow ends up w. all the girls. this person loves to drink and is exceptionally great in bed. Women should watch out for this guy, he is silent but deadly and will have you in his back pocket in no time. WARNING: may drive you to insanity.
I met a Gus at the strip club last night.
by Monica allday November 28, 2010
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The best people will have this name. It is the guy that is shy but once you get to know him the coolest guy ever.
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by Puny Gym guy June 25, 2017
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A really awesome fuckin sexy mutha fucka, he is soo fuckin cool and has a twelve inch cock, and he fucks all the hot ass bitches

and hes a fuckin gangsta!!!
Hot girl "wow did u see that guy back there, id definately like him to put his gangsta swag in me!"
Other hot girl "yeah! he was a total gus"
by gangsta fizzle August 07, 2009
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