by CUEMBO January 9, 2019
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Very sweet and caring. Very understandable. Loves everyone unconditionally. Tries to be the life of the party and is easy to make friends with. Has the prettiest eyes ever. Generally the most perfect boy to walk the planet. A Gus is always there for you, and loves to be with you. The perfect boyfriend. Just plain amazing.
"Did you see that boy hug her over there?"
"Oh he's gotta be a Gus!"
by Ilovemygus September 11, 2011
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The most sweet and amazing guy you will ever meet. He is so caring and will always be there for you. He doesn't mind going out of his way for you. He means everything to the people around him. He will make you smile whether you feel like it or not. You want to always talk to him or be with him but you don't want to annoy him. To lose Gus would be the most awful feeling in the world.
"Gus makes me so happy."
by CumBucket69420yum January 15, 2019
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A guy who knows exactly what to do to reel the girls in, being very goodlooking, he has many sluty guy friends but somehow ends up w. all the girls. this person loves to drink and is exceptionally great in bed. Women should watch out for this guy, he is silent but deadly and will have you in his back pocket in no time. WARNING: may drive you to insanity.
I met a Gus at the strip club last night.
by Monica allday November 28, 2010
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Gus is a baller who has a 12 inch destroyer. He loves to to do it to em while hitting the woah naked. One of his hobbies is catching bugs while naked, hanging brain, and getting bee stings on his you know what. His friend lake, is subbed to Tgay and loves hearing Isaac shit his pants. Caldy the baldy, loves to talk about how he has a 5 inch behem00th, but really has a friggen 4 incher
Did you see that guys ding - a - ling, he's such a Gus
by Guster the busater May 8, 2019
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Gus is the guy who gets all of the girls and won't give up on anything. He is the guy who will be the best at football, basketball and lacrosse. He has the biggest heart and has the best kisses and he has a big dick. Gus will turn out to be one of the most famous people and be rich with the best cars and all of the ladies. Gus is really strong and can beat anyone's ass so watch out for a Gus
"Omg Gus is so handsome and sweet I know he is the one for me"

"Last night Gus was the best kisser"
by Johnnnnn Murphyyyy April 23, 2017
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