by CUEMBO January 9, 2019
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Okay where do you start? Well....first he always finds away to but a smile on your face. Very very popular, but a bit crazy. He is a great friend once you get to know him. He has a great personality and does the silliest things. But at the same time he is really caring and selfless! So over all he is a AMAZING friend and is fucking HILARIOUS!!!

Some people like to say that he is:

A crackhead; Popular; Wild; Life of the party; Chaotic; Insane!!!
Hunter: Do you know that Gus dude?

Mckenzie: Ya he is hella funny!!
by Big mamas March 6, 2020
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Very sweet and caring. Very understandable. Loves everyone unconditionally. Tries to be the life of the party and is easy to make friends with. Has the prettiest eyes ever. Generally the most perfect boy to walk the planet. A Gus is always there for you, and loves to be with you. The perfect boyfriend. Just plain amazing.
"Did you see that boy hug her over there?"
"Oh he's gotta be a Gus!"
by Ilovemygus September 11, 2011
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The most sweet and amazing guy you will ever meet. He is so caring and will always be there for you. He doesn't mind going out of his way for you. He means everything to the people around him. He will make you smile whether you feel like it or not. You want to always talk to him or be with him but you don't want to annoy him. To lose Gus would be the most awful feeling in the world.
"Gus makes me so happy."
by CumBucket69420yum January 15, 2019
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Some say Gus is the most powerful being in existence and non-existence. He is even friends with Colin, Jesus, God himself has beat Zeus in an arm wrestle and accidentally destroyed the multiverse by using 0.00000000000000001% of his power and had to recreate it in .0000000000001 seconds. Gus and Colin once fought at 0.000000000000001% power and it destroyed existence itself and every outer and extraversal being in all of existence and non existence. They had to recreate every multiverse and outer and extraversal and recreate existence itself. He has 100,000,000 children all exploring and training in the multiverses right now. He is immune to every single ability that has ever been thought including reality bending. He can bend reality to whatever he wants with 0.000000000000% of his power. He has a penis size of 8493257435734724734532432 feet but can alter that.
Gus slept with all your women.
The destroyer of existence Gus.
The protector of existence Gus.
by iNinjaaaa November 8, 2022
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A guy who knows exactly what to do to reel the girls in, being very goodlooking, he has many sluty guy friends but somehow ends up w. all the girls. this person loves to drink and is exceptionally great in bed. Women should watch out for this guy, he is silent but deadly and will have you in his back pocket in no time. WARNING: may drive you to insanity.
I met a Gus at the strip club last night.
by Monica allday November 28, 2010
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