An iron rod used for smashing queers.
Gus: What's with the iron rod?

Brad: It's my gay bar. I use it when I go queer hunting. Wanna come?

Gus:No fuckin' way. You're on your own homophobe.

Brad: Fuck You!
by Nonchalant Ego March 24, 2010
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gay Beyond All Recognition. Used to describe someone (or something) that is "flaming" gay.
Mr A: Hey do you like my shirt?
Mr B: Not really, it's gaybar.
by sk November 18, 2003
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(adj.) when someone is acting gayer than a fag, one would assume they are being a gaybar.
damnit John! stop being such a gaybar!
by Markoo420 September 06, 2006
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Another slang term for rubbish / crap / pathetic. Derived from the Electric Six song by the same name.
Them: my girlfriend wont let me come out tonight
You: haha gaybar!
by lee August 07, 2003
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A combat tactic developed by veterans of Woodbridge Public School whereby a group of predators (mainly sixth-eighth graders) zone in on their target, surround him, and lift him into the air by his limbs and start swinging him, whilst chanting "it's the gaybar!" or "one of us".
"Who should we gaybar next?"
"Armaan maybe?"
by smithonym July 20, 2018
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To be ridiculously cool, freakin insanly awsome.
Y that harold kid is so gaybar at studying
by Utop March 31, 2006
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