another variation of the much overused cool, awsome, sweet, and "sick"
Also can me enlightning, a good performance
by Carley April 06, 2005
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Hitting it on really well with people, as if sparks are flying all about you.
Eddie: Manny is pretty electric tonight. Thats the fourth girl he's been with.

Howser: Yea he's pretty much just a manwhore. He'll have an STD by the end of the week.
by Schwaydizzle September 27, 2008
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1. Can refer to something that is exceptionally fabulous or glamorous; vivacious
2. May be use to refer specifically to a person with an exceptionally charismatic, intriguing, or alluring personality.
1. Ex: "His new glasses are so electric." or "Man, the club was so poppin last night - it was electric!"
2. That girl I met last night had such a charming personality. She was absolutely electric!"
by BeautyisintheI September 23, 2014
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To get raging drunk.
"Hey man, what's up? Anything going on tonight?"
"Well, we've got a kegger in, so I figure we're just gonna get electric and see what happens"
by JoeW07 October 07, 2007
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Green: Where?
Yellow: Who
Orange has voted. 8 remaining.
Red: What do you mean I was doing tasks in Medbay the entire time
White: Yeah you seem sus Purple
Yellow has voted. 7 remaining.
Lime: Proof?
Cyan: If not Purple then Red
White has voted. 6 remaining.
Brown has voted. 5 remaining.
Cyan has voted. 4 remaining.
Green has voted. 3 remaining.
Lime has voted. 2 remaining.
Pink: Guys why is my name red?
Brown: Pink vote
Pink has voted. 1 remaining.
Black: Wait I was in Medb-

Purple was not The Impostor.
2 Impostors Remain.
by ZXKVER September 24, 2020
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One of the biggest Bullcrap excuses, as an Imposter and a way for people to think your sus as a crewmate in Among Us.

Yellow: In Electrical

Green: Yellow sus
Red: Agree
Blue: Lets vote Yellow
Everyone else: Votes yellow out

Yellow was not the Imposter.
by Faggot man 69 November 02, 2020
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