A dance popular in preppy college groups where one person yells "Gator" and all understanding males fall to the ground and wriggle around lIke an alligator.

Made famous by the college movie "Animal House."
"My LL Bean sweater got covered in mud when I was gatoring last night."
by Ronald Kuby February 14, 2017
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Shoes made of alligator or crocodile leather, worn by pimps and other players.
Don't make me fuck my gators up on your face bitch, get me that money.
by Jesus II March 7, 2004
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to eat aggressively or devour
I'm going to gator this pizza.
I'd let him gator my ass.
by cookiemonster6969 February 3, 2020
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The act of submerging oneself in water (typically an Ocean, river or lake) so only your eyes and the top of your head is visible, much like an alligator. Commonly followed by stalking other people in the water and death rolling them.
Andrew – Let’s go to the beach and gator some girls
Adam – I love gatoring
Mark – I’m going to gator some boys
by Ben Johns January 19, 2010
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2004-2005 NCAA SEC Champions and National Champions.
Seminole fan: Dadgum damn ol' Gators dadgum always win, dadgumit!
by Dave June 28, 2004
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Gator Advertising corperation is a bunch of fucked up motherfuckers who think it is a viable business venture to download programs to your comp without you knowing about it, then use them to download MORE programs and spy on you, and THEN sell that info to ad- companies that will send u popups and ads and even steal ur passwords and shit. FUCK GATOR. damn spyware pussies. Any good l33ts out there still, better than me, FUCK THEIR SERVERS OVER just for kicks.
I got that FUCKING precisiontime spyware shit from GATOR on my comp again, it fucked up my registry, I am SOO gonna take an acetelyne torch to their fucking server, since I cant seem to kill it any other way.
by Kane May 29, 2004
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