A quantity (equaling one eight of an ounce) of drugs purchased by a person
"hey could you hook me up with a gator for the weekend"
by volcom August 05, 2003
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gators!! is a totally awesome football team that cannot be beat!!! the gators!! are the friggen awesomest nd best team ever(=
Wow!! The gators!! beat the Georgia Bulldogs last night! it was a serious beatdown!!
by (=Maddy=) December 31, 2008
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A student at the University of Florida who has experienced one of the many NCAA national championships in football and basketball.

Someone who owns Ohio

Someone who knows how much FSU sucks and wishes they had a more challenging rival
I said, "Its great, uh huh, to be, a what, a Florida Gator!"
by Ross or Jean-Hubert November 18, 2008
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To give oral sex to a woman. When in this position, you look as if you submerged in the water like an alligator, especially if you looking up while in the act.
by nudedudeoncouch October 22, 2010
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Someone who lurks on people, the way a gator's eyes peep above the water, they lurk in the water, they lurk on their prey.
Crowd: hahaha good joke that was so funny
Mark Cummins: *back of crowd, head down saying nothing*
Crowd:Wow marks a fucking gator
by canibus1441 March 24, 2009
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