I took the SAT test as a freshman just for kicks and i got a 2400.
by waytogoooo May 29, 2011
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A phrase used when somebody is abusing something that they own/have access to. Usually something that they have paid good money for.
Guy 1: "My laptop isn't working again."

Guy 2: "Stop filling it with crap, then. You wouldn't buy a hooker just to kick her, would you."
by MichaelToTheJ March 15, 2011
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A popular phrase on 4chan. The phrase was supposedly invented because the v-tec engine 'kicks in' at a certain speed. Mainly used in reference to cars, but some people have said it for no reason at all on 4chan.
I dare you to say "v-tec just kicked in yo" outside of 4chan. Even better, say it in meatspace!
by Hand Hanzo March 25, 2005
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When one bro/brodette is angered or irritated by another bro/brodette and to come at the other bro, said bro kicks his flips off to initiate the bro fight.
"Did you just kick your flips off bro?"
"Yeah bro, I did! Come at me bro!"
"I'm at you bro!"
by AntoniusPerito & JohnCampbell October 24, 2011
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