To Display mild annoyance, alternate of God damn.

Rednecks frequently use this word when Nascar gets replaced by Iraq war Coverage.

"Dadgum! Dat Der Saaaadaaaam is on the TeeeeVeee agayn."
by IRTool March 20, 2003
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Same an dangit (dang-it) or dadburn (dad-burn). A mild and quaint curse.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
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A command issued to one's father if one would like some gum
'Oi, you old fart, gimme some gum!'
by Stephen Mels August 19, 2006
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What a toothless inbred father does to his inbred son. Usually with the inbred son's consent.
Example: My dadgum it real good.
by Squeal like a pig..... November 2, 2003
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More commonly used by rednecks during a conversation or a political interview—TN Senator Tin Burchett has been known to used “Dadgum” many times in a single interview.
The “Dadgum” incident—the “Dadgum” situation—the “Dadgum” event
by Mannymoe October 8, 2023
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