Ben Hill Griffin Stadium,home field of the university's Florida Gators football team
the swampswampgainesville swampufu of fgatorsflorida gators
by gatorrade August 17, 2011
One of the many projects in San Francisco, also known as Sunnydale.
A.K.A: Swampy Desert
The Dale
Hey my nigga, you know them beezys from "The Swamp"?
by Swamper415 June 16, 2006
The collective group of hoes in a particular area, such as a school, church, college, etc..
You went on a date with Starquisha? She's part of the swamp!
by StuffedDonut July 5, 2018
Many people are cheering for Donald to drain "the swamp" on America, not fully understanding that they will be the recipients of the resulting trickle down fecalnomics.
by Truthseeking Otter December 7, 2016
Describing yourself as being overworked when in reality you do not want to be given more work.
I can't take this new project becuase I am swamped.
by CrazyJoe January 28, 2006
When your teachers give so much homework and you have to stay up all night to finish it.
Friend: Omg you look tired
Me: Dude I was swamped with homework
by SeeIKnowStuff November 8, 2017
Swamp (swahmp)

1. Personal space.
“Stay out of my swamp!”

“Make sure you fertilize your swamp everyday.”

“Protect me swamp!”
by nefalize May 25, 2019