A dance popular in preppy college groups where one person yells "Gator" and all understanding males fall to the ground and wriggle around lIke an alligator.

Made famous by the college movie "Animal House."
"My LL Bean sweater got covered in mud when I was gatoring last night."
by Ronald Kuby February 14, 2017
The act of submerging oneself in water (typically an Ocean, river or lake) so only your eyes and the top of your head is visible, much like an alligator. Commonly followed by stalking other people in the water and death rolling them.
Andrew – Let’s go to the beach and gator some girls
Adam – I love gatoring
Mark – I’m going to gator some boys
by Ben Johns January 19, 2010
When a man is performing oral sex on a woman, she looks down and sees only his eyes peering back up at her. Similar to a gator hiding in the water.
Mike was going down on me last night and when I looked down he was gatoring at me. It was kind of creepy actually.
by Long Dong Wang December 16, 2016
The act of lurking in the depths and lustfully leering at attractive people. So rarely executed by women that his could easily be identified as something that only men perform. This can be performed alone or as part of a group. Taken from how only alligators beady eyes can seen while they keep the rest of their body concealed in the water/reeds.
Most commonly performed by men with low self esteem and couldn't even begin to have a conversation with an attractive woman if they tried.
Me and some colleagues we're at the club gatoring the ladies only to go home alone to 'shake-a-weight'.
by von brutus November 5, 2010
(adj.) - Used to describe one's level of inebriation.
There are several degrees at which one can be gatored :
embryo/fetal gatored - barely tipsy
baby gatored - relatively tipsy
gatored - drunk
papa gatored - relatively drunk
grandpa gatored - brownout to blackout drunk
great grandpa gatored - drunk to the point of heavy alcohol poisoning
jesus gatored - drunk to a point of death, but followed by resurrection (this level has not yet been reached)
The term originates from the campus of San Francisco State.
John : Yo how was your night dude?

Bill : Fucking ridiculous man. I went to a rager and got so gatored that I ate shit trying to jump a trash can!

John : Noice!
by gatorednation November 18, 2010
Best Pimp in the game, as seen from the movie the other guys.
Thinks he runs a dating service
Gator: these brazed short ribs taste like a dogs asshole

Sheila: Baby?

Gator: now im sittin here thinking who in the world would slow roast a dogs asshole and feed it to their husband.

Sheila: you are being awful!

Gator: Gator dont play no shit!
by checker887 January 5, 2011
Shoes made of alligator or crocodile leather, worn by pimps and other players.
Don't make me fuck my gators up on your face bitch, get me that money.
by Jesus II March 7, 2004