A really greasy, deep, fart that comes directly from gastric stomach juices. Comes from eating really bad food or drinking really rot gut alcohol.

Before expulsion, your abdominal area feels like an obese Green Bay football fan is standing on your stomach with all his weight.

Pushing it out requires an extreme effort, and some people actually die trying. Once out, however, the victim feels better. The area then becomes instantly contaminated with a nauseating rotten garbage smell.
Gordon was getting ready to go out. He swilled a bottle of cough syrup and some Old Crow whiskey, and gobbled up six Oxys. Then he ate three cheeseburger pizzas and two bottles of picked eggs.

His stomach was gurgling. He got up from the recliner, struggled and pushed, and eventually a gastric blast followed by complete bowel movement. That was a rap for the day. So much for the job interview, he thought.
by Jrubadub January 19, 2012
The disorder with an onset in adulthood, characterized by multiple loud anal explosions and at least one with the lifting of the butt cheek. Gastric Tourette is defined as part of a spectrum of butt disorder, which includes provisional, transient and persistent (chronic) farts, stinkers, and toots.
Gastric Tourette's was once considered a rare and bizarre syndrome, most often associated with coworkers in socially inappropriate areas, but this is no longer considered a rare condition and is present in 42 percent of males in the computer industry (10% in females). Note that this condition can result in turd babies if not controlled and a similar condition is found in females called Queef tourettes but this is not the same.
Matt and Don are really stinking today; I think they are suffering from Gastric Tourettes.
by TheMattanator January 15, 2014
A fetish that acts as a mixture between emetophilia, oviposition, and vore, inspired by gastric brooding frogs (Rheobatrachus). Describes the process of swallowing fertile eggs, having them hatch in the body, and being regurgitated. Eggs are often that of worm-like creatures such as snakes, maggots, or centipedes, to enhance the focus on wriggling and squirming in the host's stomach.
Person A: Dude I just saw some fucked up hentai where a giant wasp laid eggs in a girl's stomach, and when they hatched she puked them up. Can't believe some people get off to this.
Person B: Oh yeah, that sounds like some Gastric Brood shit.
by Heruppe March 2, 2021
This is the act of releasing a butt bomb in a close area such as an elevator or executive conference room condemning your coworkers or innocent by standards to inhale the fumes. This can be silent and accusatory or load and wet. This sometimes is associated with Gastric Tourettes.
The office workers chocked for 4 floors do to Tom's silent gastric terrorism in the elevator.
by TheMattanator January 15, 2014
a resounding fart that announces more to come.
Karl's gastric kickstand caused those familiar with his bowels to evacuate the building.
by HD Shell October 12, 2004
Gastric Lavage is a procedure done for poisoning. If a person has ingested something toxic, and It could be potentially lethal, than the patient may be given gastric lavage. For this procedure a tube is inserted down into the stomach either via nose or the mouth. After the tube is inserted air is pumped into the stomach ia syringe to make sure the tube is in the correct place. a stethoscope is placed over the stomach, and the Dr. or nurse observes weather the air is heard in the stomach or not. If it is, GREAT, if its not you are going to start questioning weather the tube is in the esophagus, or in the airways even. If its in the airways than the patient will not be able to speak. So, after propper tube placement has been varified than the tube is connected to an even longer tube that goes from the tube in the nose/mouth, to a bag containing water. This bag goes on an IV pole, and is allowed to drain through the tube and into the patient's stomach. At the end of the tube that comes out of the patient's nose/mouth there are two holes. One for the longer tube to go to the bag on the IV pole, and another hole on the same end to go to a bag that is sat on the floor.

The bag on the floor is where that stuff drains back out. Because if it doesn't drain out, than you are just putting water down the tube, and its just going into the patient's stomach. The poison is still in there. So then the tube is drained, and the contents of the drainage bag are then emptied into a hopper which is a giant toilet where the bag or basins can be dumped and washed out.

Another drainage bag is connected to the tube, and the procedure is repeated with bags of water connected, and drained in and out of the patinet's stomach until the contents of the patient's stomach appear clear. It depends on what the patient took, but sometims after this is finished activated charcoal is put down the NG tube. Its put into the tube via a syringe, and mixed with water because it needs some help getting it to go down or it may clump and clog up in the tube. This is where you hope the patient doesn't vomit. If they do, prepare to be covered in a black and VERY gooey mess. EEEK.


fred: I am sick Dr. I took so many pills.

2. Dr: What did you take?

3. Patient: I took a whole bottle of clonidine.

4. Dr: HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone get a set up in here for gastric Lavage.

5. Patient: What on earth is that?

6. Dr.: Its where I stick a tube in your mouth, and I put water down that tube, and after that, I drain out, and do it again and again. After that i put charcoal down the tube, and let it stay there.


8. Other nurse: I have the tube ready. Open wide.

by ventilator98 April 5, 2009