To smell very badly,such as the way an fat person that does not wash would smell.
I'm thinking your stinking like you have soiled yourself.
by Paul Maggs September 3, 2006
someone you like on the low or have feelings for
aww I miss you 2 stink stink 🥴💕.
by niqniq 💕 February 10, 2020
Something someone uses when there talking to someone they love , mainly illumuh.
by Cuffemslefttit June 2, 2021
The best nick name you can give your bestie:)
especially if her name is Adele
by AndreaSheeessh May 30, 2021
An affectionate name for a close friend or relative.
by Daybay101 November 30, 2017
A name that couples use when they are in a relationship.
Me and my stink are the cuties couple out here.
by January 4, 2021