Used to define a sexy band member. Usually band member is on bass. He's tall, has great hair, great sense of humor, and a wanted man.
Did you see that Garbo?
Yeah, he was rocking on that bass. Wouldnt mind getting me some of that!
by i'mnotsteve July 11, 2008
used to describe something so rediculous it needs its own word to describe it.
Man, that blunt is garbo, did you roll a fucking quarter in it?
by Wayne December 30, 2004
Garbo is the process through which vegetables are cooked to the point of caramelisation in a heated pan. The pan (preferably made of iron) is heated to approximately 600 degrees centigrade, at which point a generous amount of oil is used to lubricate the pan, followed by the desired vegetables. The high heat of the pan rapidly evaporates liquids from the vegetables, leading to swift and delicious caramelisation.
"What are you cooking?" "Garboooooo"
by Ossameray August 14, 2019
Garbo is an ancient greek term meaning garbage or a more used term crappy, or sucky.
Man you garbo, i beat you in super smash bros. like 15 times.
by Spiid1000 June 20, 2009
To be of no real intrest. short for "garbage"
nah, gimme mines back, yours is hella garbo
by alex April 29, 2003
adjective. describing someone lacking in skills
Jon is garbo at halo 3.
by paul anthony tablan December 31, 2010