Ancient Greek is the language only cool Italian and Greek people speak.
Friend A: I have to study Greek for tomorrow
Friend B: Ancient Greek is boring and completely useless!

Friend A: do you find ραφανιδόω or κητομαι boring?
by LaVeraCate March 31, 2014
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The Ancient Greeks- How shall we be remembered?
Also Ancient Greeks- MaTh
by Ittz_Random October 22, 2020
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Gay ancient language, used in our days only by gay people for their secret crew communication (like making some orgy dates or something).
Otherwise Ancient Greek is used in the antique world by the Dark side (before German has been invented).
For sure, normal guys dont speak that piece of shit and the coolest even cant remember the phonetic and grammar norms and thats their super strenght.
there is a fuckin word in Ancient Greek for "eating bean in front of Athens agora" for God's sake.
by Krankk February 16, 2009
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When two heterosexual men have sexual intercourse together not because they are attracted to men but because they want get off using something other than a hand, sex toy, female, etc.
"Nah bro. Chad and I aren't gay, we are just Ancient Greek for eachother.
by ComaradeJake July 23, 2017
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