51 definitions by Wayne

A sort of 4 wheel drive motorbike driven by rednecks. Drive through South East Ohio and watch the mullets flying in the wind as morons without helmets tear thru the woods desperate to pull up and shoot anything that has a pulse!
I cant think of one - just read above
by Wayne February 27, 2005
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a butch female who could easily pass for a man. term originates from that dyke French tennis player
did you see that Mauresmo? that was disgusting!
by Wayne October 1, 2003
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Second most important command in Autocad.
Oh crap, I forgot to type "qsave" before the computer broke. Now I have to remember and re-draw what I drew.
by Wayne January 28, 2004
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alternative term for the act of passing wind, but done so with tremendous gusto!
Franny has let out a horrific quack.
by Wayne August 20, 2003
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taking more than yr share
matt's been nigga dippin the nachos again, he always takes all the chips with cheese.
by Wayne June 14, 2006
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sk8 is also a shit player who thinks he is as good as fluff3h but he just actually suck's C**K
omg fluff3h your my idol i love you learn me in the way of the fluff !

fluff3h replys all in jew time my young padawan now start sucking BITCH !
by Wayne January 24, 2005
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Super Smash Brothers, the best fighting game in history made for the N64. Its sequel, Super Smash Brothers: Melee sucks the penis because GameCube has a retarded controller. Kirby owns the shit in SSB.
by Wayne January 16, 2005
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