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Member of musical group The Beatles. One of music's most enduring and influential figures.

See God.
Imagine all the people
Living for today
by Wayne February 15, 2005

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A sort of toilet tsunami. Dropping a turd from a height which hits the water, causing a tidalw wave up the pan which in turn sploshes the water over your arsecrack..

Its bad when it happens in your own toilet - Its worse when it happens in a public one.
Above explains it all.
by wayne March 24, 2005

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The Smiths were quite simply the best band ever, in just the short time they were with us they changed the music scene forever. No-one can even come close to comparing to Morrissey's lyrics. The guy is a genius!
Also his solo career is still brilliant, some people say that he has declined but his songs are still better than anyone else's.......end of!
Accept Yourself
I Want The One I Can't Have
I could list everyone of the Smiths songs but these will do
by Wayne June 17, 2006

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A movie with filled with long CGI special effects scenes, loosely connected by short scenes with minimal plot.
Day After Tommorrow,
by wayne June 21, 2004

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Wannabe gangstas who are whiter than me flap their arms around while changing the end of every other word so it ends in izzle.. Sheer fucking genius really.
You da bomb fo shizzle..
by Wayne February 11, 2005

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A highly addicting game that occupies vast amounts of time and memory.
I spent all afternoon playing Autocad, and ended up with the same thing I drew on a napkin at lunch, only larger and to scale.

High Score = "qsave: Drawing saved in Autocad 2000 format"
by Wayne January 27, 2004

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These are variants of the popular Cheetos chips made by Frito Lay. They are very spicy and stain your lips and fingers red. Flaming Cheetos are one of the primary food items among Mexicans and African Americans. Do not eat too many Flaming Hot Cheetos or you might become constipated.
1. Damn, I haven't taken a dump in a week after eating those Flaming Hot Cheetos.

2. "My ninja, them Mexicans jacked all of our Flaming Cheetos"
by Wayne October 31, 2004

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