51 definitions by Wayne

A sort of 4 wheel drive motorbike driven by rednecks. Drive through South East Ohio and watch the mullets flying in the wind as morons without helmets tear thru the woods desperate to pull up and shoot anything that has a pulse!
I cant think of one - just read above
by Wayne February 27, 2005
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a butch female who could easily pass for a man. term originates from that dyke French tennis player
did you see that Mauresmo? that was disgusting!
by Wayne October 1, 2003
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An extremely cool Asian person who hates Jews and feminists (really only the feminists) such as Modan and attends LBJ High School.
"Yo Bruno, isn't Wayne Tie related to Hitler?"

"No he's worse"
by Wayne November 2, 2004
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Member of musical group The Beatles. One of music's most enduring and influential figures.

See God.
Imagine all the people
Living for today
by Wayne February 16, 2005
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Second most important command in Autocad.
Oh crap, I forgot to type "qsave" before the computer broke. Now I have to remember and re-draw what I drew.
by Wayne January 28, 2004
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