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Generally viewed as anyone who ISN'T a townie as the scurge and scum of the universe. Aged between 10-20, although there are anomalies either side, they are generally found in packs, although on their own, they're just as obnoxious. They lack any real initiative to think of their own accord, and are led by a pitiful desire to want to be whatever terrible rap/r'n'b/garage/dance artist is currently in the charts, usually through the prolific use of a navy blue jogging sweater, (with a hood, of course, for added 'scareability') cheap trousers and overly expensive footwear. They have taken the English vocabulary and added their own 'unique' twist, abbreviating and completely deforming every word possible, so that, for example, the sentence "You are looking quite nice" becomes "U'm bum, innit?", which no-one but a townie, or those clued in the WAY of the townie, could ever hope to understand. They steal mobile phones, glue their hair to their heads, have a serious problem with anyone who isn't their 'blood', and generally strut around like they own the place. However, thankfully, society has a way of giving these people culture shock, and one day they will wake up to realise just how truly pathetic they have all become. But they're not all bad; These people will become our checkout ladies, road sweepers, fast-food servers, part-time sales assistants and other menial jobs that those of us who can think are just too good for.
If there's one denomination of people I can't stand in this world, it's the townies.
by Wayne February 17, 2004
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The best packet of crisps - ever! Available in all shops and should only be purchased in pickled onion flavour - THE ONLY WAY!! =).
Definitely the most popular for us students - because they only cost 10pence a pack :D :D
Student: can I have 100 packets of space raiders please?
Shop keeper: Will you be paying by cash...or cheque?
by Wayne December 10, 2003
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A sort of toilet tsunami. Dropping a turd from a height which hits the water, causing a tidalw wave up the pan which in turn sploshes the water over your arsecrack..

Its bad when it happens in your own toilet - Its worse when it happens in a public one.
Above explains it all.
by Wayne March 24, 2005
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Super Smash Brothers, the best fighting game in history made for the N64. Its sequel, Super Smash Brothers: Melee sucks the penis because GameCube has a retarded controller. Kirby owns the shit in SSB.
by Wayne January 16, 2005
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One who derives pleasure from being held down or placed in bondage and mercilessly tickle-tortured.
The ticklee screamed so loud, I thought the roof would collapse.
by Wayne December 22, 2004
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sk8 is also a shit player who thinks he is as good as fluff3h but he just actually suck's C**K
omg fluff3h your my idol i love you learn me in the way of the fluff !

fluff3h replys all in jew time my young padawan now start sucking BITCH !
by Wayne January 24, 2005
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