Ps3, Xbox360, Windows Vista? Please. Get that shit out of my face. Give me my SNES or gameboy for some real quality gameplay.
by jokemall April 10, 2007
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The combination of features in a game which sum up the user input experience
The sum of a game's parts: the feel of the controls, the types of quests on tap, the combat mechanics, rich dialog trees.

Example: Skyrim has shitty gameplay.
by Delicieuxz October 14, 2012
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located in the heart of the city on 650 portland street unit 10. known as the staging grounds for cigaweed ingestion followed by games night. rumored celebreties comic book guy and shaggy (scooby doo) are know to have made multiple appearances.
Mrs A - where you going
Fug - Gameplay
Mrs A - with who
Fug - alone
by foug January 13, 2005
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An uprising phenomenon on YouTube. They upload several montages of unknown montage makers, no matter what game! Could be anything through the Call of Duty series to Gears of War 2 to Counter-Strike: Source!
"Yo dawg, did you see that awesome clip of a kid noscoping someone across the map on Gameplay United?"

"Sure did! That was off the chizayne!"
by Fabled Being September 27, 2009
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an exiting phrase stating an "effortless victory" (sarcasm, normally).
an alternative for "gg ez."
josh: simple gameplay
shane: shut the fuck up
by archimedes1 December 8, 2020
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Athletes are gameplayers who play sports games.
Sports are a bunch of gameplayers that play tons of games
by UnHeaven Kevin October 28, 2019
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a gay teenager who constantly refutes that he is gay, often by screaming like a mental retard
He lost a match of Call of Duty so he Gameplayered himself.
by FluffyTG August 25, 2019
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