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Short for turbocharger. A method of forced induction that uses exhaust gasses to turn a turbine, which in turn drives an intake pump to force more air into the engine. Available on many vehicles as a factory option or as an aftermarket kit.
The turbo option for my car was expensive, but I love the extra power!
by 1Spectre4U August 12, 2003
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hey look at that, its turbos. hes so hot i wanna make love to him!
by rawr May 15, 2004
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When you lean forward while riding your scooter and you fart and yell "TURBO".

(It really makes you go faster! Try it.)
I on my Yamaha Vino racing my friend on his Honda Rukus and I pulled a Turbo! and passed him.
by bard of bc August 11, 2006
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word used best to emphasize a word much in the same way 'whopper' or sometimes 'very'. commonly used in tallaght, dublin.
steve: is that lad mad out of it?
frank: nah, hes turbo minty fresh mad out of it!

dave: sorry boys cant talk right now, im ridin' me turbo bird!
by d_berry February 10, 2010
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The greatest rugby team in the world. Hail from the great Manawatu
Fuck the Turbos are mean.
The Turbos fuuuucked Hawkes Gay up.
Green and white, green and white, Turbos!
by manawatustuakaturboman September 22, 2010
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