Something that is complete and utter garbage.
by Nader H. May 9, 2008
(Colloquial in Brisbane, Australia) Localised slang referring to Westfield Garden City, a shopping centre located in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane.
"Hey do you wanna go to garbo to grab some chips?"
"My friends and I went to garbo to play at the arcade."
by silvertheproph July 4, 2022
1.One who is or acts trashy
2.To be garbage
3.To smell bad and look bad
Dude, your look is garbo.
Your freakin garbo, man.
by BodyHarvest February 4, 2011
Something that is complete and utter garbage
Serenity is completely garbo
by Skooby August 14, 2021
"Quickly get the bins the garbo's comin"
by November 12, 2020