used to identify someone who is absolute trash at what they do
"That bitch said she throw good dome, but she booboo fucking garbo."
by jmilirod November 28, 2016
1. A really nonsensical topic, word or subject
2. An alternative word for stinky, messy, dirty or f***ed up.
It's totally garbo up there.
Your ass smells garbo.
You garbo'd my song!
That's totally garbo, dude.
by 3310033i2 March 2, 2019
My kids hate to have their pictures taken so much, when I take out my phone to check email, the little Garbos vanish.
by MF22 October 9, 2015
A tier below "garbage" , can be used for almost anything to describe your inner gut feeling of absolute disgust.
Eg. "Kebabs were Garbos last night" or "So, I waited 50min for her to put on make up and when she rocks up,.... GARBOS"
by Kik'n'along March 31, 2022
Garbo has two meanings, its either an insult or a compliment
Jason: Ay bro you looking real garbo today
Joe: Thanks?
by J Gaming April 11, 2021
the act of packing Copenhagen tobacco in large quantities.
tom- "you still packing lips?"
mike - "yeah, I'm on that Garbo status"
by tobinladen July 23, 2008