The look a person gives to nearby strangers or patrons that makes it clear that they want to be alone.
George noticed an attractive woman sitting by herself at the end of the bar, but as he stood up she flashed him the Garbo glare and he sat back down.
by Laughlynne July 27, 2017
Something relating to garbage as well as a male genatalia. Usually used in derogatory sense; Implies something that is not in one's favor.
Lucas: Dude, that was the stupidest lag I have seen ever.

Jason: Yeah man, that was garbo-dicks.
by Tearoze February 25, 2016
Someone who is so bad at something that they affect the people around them and make them bad. Hence they are 'lobbing' their 'garbage' skills at others.
We would have won the game, but Bob over there is such a garbo lobster that he makes the whole team suck.
by HeavyMetalNinja July 19, 2006
Garbo kid is a term that is used highley in the online video game scene. Garbo (short for garbage) and kid wich basickly describes the individual's skill level. The term Garbo kid can be heard amongst its players in the online video game MODERN WAREFARE 2.
stop camping, damn garbo kid
by dunce237 August 6, 2010
The private bathroom in a bar, usually a gay bar, which can be locked from the inside so that the user can do their business alone. From Greta Garbo's famous line "I want to be alone."
I needed to do number 2, so I had to stand in line for the Garbo room.
by John Wheeler August 27, 2007
Someone who eats nothing but junk food all day
John: "Hey did you see what Gary ate today?"
Tom: "Yeah, he ate all the chips and lollies"
John: "What a garbo-guts"
by crcdj March 13, 2011
In addition to being a somewhat famous singer, it is also a new slang term (code) for instructing someone to pick up a "gar" (dutchmaster, philly, swisher, etc.). It originated in Miami and is slowly gaining steam across the country.

Greta Garbo = "Get a 'gar, bro!"
::ring ring::
Person A: Hey, you around? Let's burn!
Person B: Sure. Greta Garbo.
Person C: Heard! I'll stop by the gas station.