originally Greta Louisa Gustafsson, born in 1905 and perished in 1990. Swedish-born American actress who was known for her preferring to be isolated.Also known for her performances in such films as Queen Christina (1933) and Camille (1937).
p1:"Why dont you pursue a social life?
p2:"Leave me alone, I dont want to talk to anyone"
p1:"Now, don't you get all garbo on me bitch"
by dominicana July 16, 2006
Man eater, predator, agressive, self absorbed, self serving. Similar to roles played by Greta Garbo.
See how he garbo'd that chick? She how she garbo'd her way in front of the line?
by capt September 27, 2003
an individual who does not maintain the necessary skills to win anything.
Kevin is Garbo Kid at mario kart 64
by Toad the best May 22, 2009
- a guy who is hypocritical, always talking shit, and never has anything nice to say; a narcissistic piece of human garbage.
- “After finding out you gossiped about your own friends and family, I’m really starting to think you’re nothing but a garbo boy!”
by Cya_bby November 4, 2019